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Always the joker (Jack)

Ev'ry time in life I loved a girl, I walked alone.
And ev'ry time I tried to call a friend, Nobody on the phone.
Ev'ry time I tried to be a normal boy, just clever and cool,
I always had to see that I was always the fool.

Ev'ry time I felt like I never could smile again.
I always tried to find someone to talk, but then
All the guys I asked they shook their head and laughed when they saw my tears.
I always went alone, that was one of my deepest fears.

I was always the joker, but ever the fool
Always tryin' to be an a
ccepted guy.
I was always the joker followin' the rule,
All my life I followed a lie.

All my life my parents told me that it is ok.
Father is a jailbird and he showed no real way.
For all the rest of my life I was going to be an extraordinary child,
But with a life which was boring and never going wild.

He was always the greatest and ever the star.
The only one shining all day long.
He was cute, strong and brave, from an angel not far.

But we think, girl, you're terribly wrong.


Now the times have changed I got powerful more and more.
Nobody would say that my life is further a bore.
And nobody will deny that I'm the most famous boy in school
So the times have changed I'm not further the fool.

Now I'm always the joker, not one of the fools
I'm the hidden king of the whole town
I am big, strong and I'm not in the need to follow rules
People like you were those, who made my crown.

Now he's always the joker, not one the fools
He's the hidden king of the whole town
He is huge, strong and he's not in the need to follow rules
People like us were those, who made his crown.

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