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Children of Vietnam (Sara)

Missing friends they never had,
all their minds are always sad.
And crying for some time.
Loosing homes and happiness,
grief and sorrow are confessed.
For them the sun never shines.

All their life they had to flee,
No chance given to be
lucky at one day.
They're persecuted by many things.
Hunger death and all that brings.
And there's no hope to pray.

Such a story of a lifetime makes me sad right in my mind.
And I wonder why people don't change in those times.
But I hope they will see those children when they cry,
and the tears when they die.

Think about their dreams when sleep.
Lonely nights to rest.
Think there is no chance to keep
Thinking of the best.

I thought times of stupidity
Are so many years ago
But you see in reality
There's only space for row.


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