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I've got still my teddy bear (Cindy)

I've never seen, that I was completely wrong,
I only saw that, he was tall and strong.
I felt in love but nothing came back to me.
I had to see.

I always wanted him to hold me tight.
That he will love me, I prayed every night.
He takes and loves me, I thought he would.
But then I understood.

That he says “no” and “never will”
That was my biggest fear.
But now I have got still
My teddy bear.

I never saw that there were also other guys
I only looked at him, he was cute and nice.
He never said a word I thought he would see.
But not only me.

I can't understand the way he found her.
How will he love this tiny little tricky bur.
That he took her, I disagree
I want him for me!


Now I've got a much more better man
He is my one and I love him as much I can.
He will never leave me, I will never complain,
Because he's on a chain.

He is here my heart with love to fill.
Loneliness will disappear.
Because now I've got still.
My teddy bear.

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