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Love duet (Jack & Sara)

Just a look in her eyes, nothing could disturb this lovely calm
And there was her smile, like she would forever stay.
She made me bright, flying together on a could through the sky.
Those times were moments for which I prayed.

From the first moment on, I recognized the fire in my heart
Every time when I met him.
The shyness is gone and I realize my feelings now
And I show the world the love I'm in.

You showed me the light, the light of love that in the darkness burned,
and I saw an end of all my pain.
You took me to this side, once I was rude but through this love I turned
Like coming out of the rain.

T'was like hell on earth to be alone in such an untidy crowd
Searching hard for your own way.
Right from my birth they taught me what life was all about
But now I see, and I'll stay.

You, You showed me that way,
that was how I found my love.
These lovely moments are right here to stay,
that was how I found my love.

After all the fears a brightness on the face, a happy smile
Feelings of luck and of being free.

After all the tears, desires raised and our dreams came true
Right in the end we had to see.

Jack: From now on together
Sara: the way of life so easy going by
Jack: Along the road
Beide: covered with love.
Jack: Ill love you forever
Sara: Hoping that this way is looking right
Beide: For us nothing above.

Beide: And don't deny this I will never let you go
Walk right on, I love you so


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